Operation Compassion Uses Every Available Resource for Haitian Relief and Recovery

By , January 15, 2010

Less than 72 hours after a devastating earthquake struck the island nation of Haiti, Operation Compassion has containers being distributed from warehouse facilities in Haiti. As part of our ongoing effort in Haiti, containers of relief goods and supplies were previously delivered. Now they are being distributed.

Landslide: Many poorly constructed homes were simply swept away by the magnitude of the quake

In addition to these containers, Operation Compassion sent 24 containers to Haiti more than 6 weeks ago. These containers are filled with fruit juices, baby food, shoes, paper products, bottled water, cleaning supplies, sleeping bags and tents are arriving in port this week and next week. Distribution will begin as soon as possible.

While these containers are currently being delivered and distributed in Haiti, our warehouse in Cleveland is busy loading containers that will be sent to Haiti on almost a daily basis. In addition, Operation Compassion will be sending containers for Haiti through neighboring ports to lessen the stress on the damaged Port au Prince port. These products include Hygiene kits, coolers, blankets, mattresses, Playtex gloves, medical supplies and equipment, flashlights, tea and storage bags.

Destroyed: Residents pass by collapsed buildings - only a cross remains standing

After the immediate needs of disaster relief shift to recovery, Operation Compassion will be assisting in their long term recovery and rebuilding efforts. Operation Compassion has a 40,000 square foot warehouse with building supplies procured and ready for shipment as the reconstruction begins. Items like floor and wall tile, trim, tools, grout and sealant, bathroom fixtures, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies and concrete board used in bathroom construction and temporary shelter construction are some of the available products.

Together, we can make a difference in Haiti!

Your Donations to Operation Compassion are secure with . . .
More than $99 out of every $100 donated going directly to the field; < 1% overhead.
Every $1 donated producing $88 of wholesale product.
Operation Compassion listed in the Top 100 Charities by Chronicle of Philanthropy.
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