Miraculous Response for Haitian Earthquake Disaster Relief

By , January 19, 2010

Operation Compassion is overwhelmed by the tremendous support during this initial week of disaster relief in Haiti. Corporations, manufacturers, charities and individuals inundated us with help during this catastrophic situation. Operation Compassion has set records for product and financial donations for the first week after the disaster.


Here are some of the donations received this week for Haiti.

  1. More than 479 tractor trailers of product donated:
    • Major shoe charity pledged 1 million pairs of shoes in the next 12 months;
    • 300 tractor trailers loaded with building supplies, to be sent as immediate relief efforts change to recovery and rebuilding;
    • Hundreds of 40 ft. containers of immediate relief goods, bottled water, tents, sleeping bags, medicine and medical equipment.
  2. Churches setting up collection sites across the U.S.:
    • Churches committing less than a semi-trailer load to be delivered to OC;
    • OC committing to pick up full semi-trailers loaded with goods and supplies;
    • Disaster partners committing to deliver product to OC.
  3. Mobile medical clinic donated to Haiti relief.
  4. Mobile bakery donated to Haiti relief.
  5. Financial donations committed to Haiti:
    • World’s leading non-profits donating unprecedented quantities of product and cash;
    • America’s leading churches committing to raise cash for Haiti relief efforts;
    • Operation Compassion’s online donations are more than any time in our disaster relief history.

Your Donations to Operation Compassion are secure with . . .

  • More than $99 out of every $100 donated going directly to the field; < 1% overhead.
  • Every $1 donated producing $88 of wholesale product.
  • Operation Compassion listed in the Top 100 Charities by Chronicle of Philanthropy.
  • Operation compassion listed in the Top 3 Most Efficient Charities by Forbes.com.

During a disaster, the first 72 hours are crucial if there are to be any survivors. However, there are always little miracles that happen will beyond this golden time. Such was the case on the sixth day following the devastating Haitian earthquake as two people, one adult and one baby, was rescued from the rubble of collapsed buildings.

For six days a husband would dig through the rubble of their home looking for his wife, calling her name. Yesterday, a group of firemen from California used heavy equipment to remove much of the debris. As the husband called out, he finally heard what he hoped he hear, a response from his wife. She was alive! After three additional hours of debris removal, she was extricated from the ruins of her home, singing and rejoicing.

In another area of Port au Prince, as rescuers were removing debris, a baby was heard crying. The rescuers carefully dig deeper to find a baby survived in a small pocket only large enough for her tiny size. She was examined and was found a little dehydrated but will survive without complications.

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