Earthquakes Ravage Sumatra, Indonesia

By , October 1, 2009

Sumatra is one of the world’s most seismically active places. This most recent 7.6 magnitude earthquake cut communications, collapsed hospitals, schools, hotels and many other buildings in the city of Padang. Reports confirm more than 500 people were killed with thousands buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings. This morning another aftershock hit the area and measured 6.6 further damaging buildings and hampering relief efforts.

This is the same area where a 9.15 magnitude earthquake caused the 2004 tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people in Indonesia and hundreds more in other Asian countries. According to reports on the scene the city center of Padang is devastated.

Operation Compassion relief efforts have all ready begun. Our partner agency, Foundation for Love and Care in Indonesia was begun days before the 2004 quake and tsunami is still operating strong throughout the Islands.

Currently, they are moving teams of doctors and nurses with a truckload of product to go into the worst areas of Padang. FLCI will open at least one medical clinic, a community kitchen and are preparing to send generators, tents and other relief supplies. FLCI is working in conjunction with the Bethel Department of Benevolence of the Gereja Bethel Indonesia. Dr. Jossey Mesach, MD has confirmed damage and destruction to a number of church buildings but no reported deaths.

In addition, Operation Compassion has a container of rice waiting to clear customs that will be used to feed survivors. There are hundreds of pairs of shoes also waiting customs clearance that will be vital for survivors that have lost everything in the quake.

Tommy and Poppi Smith, directors of Operation Compassion in Indonesia are loading a truck with food to provide meals to the survivors. Poppi has a massive feeding program among children serving hot, nutritional meals. Her experience will prove invaluable has they serve meals in the Padang region.

Because Operation Compassion has consistently shipped to Indonesia, blankets and other relief goods were stock piled in warehouses for disaster relief. This enabled the Smith’s, FLCI and the church to immediately send blankets which are vital in a disaster of this magnitude because people are sleep outdoors in fear of other earthquakes..

Operation Compassion has contacted our network of global disaster relief partners in an effort to increase the number of relief supplies entering the devastated region of Sumatra. So far, the response has been overwhelming.

Operation Compassion needs your financial support to continue sending and making arrangements for more disaster supplies. The need of the disaster will be staggering as more survivors are pulled from the rubble. Helping Operation Compassion with $10 of support means that $880 worth of goods are being distributed. Where can you invest your money, see it grow so rapidly and help your global neighbor at the same time?  Call, write or visit our web site to donate NOW!

Please send your donations to or contact:

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