Disaster Report Indonesia Earthquake

By , October 8, 2009

Operation Compassion’s Indonesia charity, Foundation for Love and Care in Indonesia, was able to respond within hours with relief supplies through the ongoing donations of vita meal and croc shoes. With the rice, blankets and shoes previously sent to Indonesia for the Java earthquake, the Foundation was able to set up relief sites in Padang and other hard hit areas.

In Padang, the Foundation established a base camp in the mountains just north of Bariaman. From this camp, they are able to serve the 10 surrounding villages that were nearly destroyed. One village in particular had 300 families living there; all the homes were destroyed leaving the village homeless. No one was there helping these families until the Foundation arrived and established a relief site.

As part of the relief effort in the mountains, the Foundation is offering free medical care with the assistance from 32 volunteer doctors. The makeshift clinic is helping 500 victims each day. Also, the Foundation is able to distribute food, milk, water, blankets and clothing to the survivors. Tents were set up as temporary schools for the children.

With school back in session so quickly, it serves two purposes for the children: (1) it keeps their minds off the death and destruction as they concentrate on their study material; (2) it keeps the children from falling behind other students not victimized by the earthquakes.

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