Operation Compassion Continues Assistance to Indonesia

By , October 10, 2007

As part of the ongoing efforts of Operation Compassion to assist survivors of the string of natural disasters in Indonesia, five containers were recently shipped. Through Operation Compassion’s international network of partners, one container of Vitameal, a nutritionally formulated meal to help replace lost nutrients, was sent for distribution in locations where children are especially suffering. Nourish the Child has formulated this product for this very purpose.
Three containers of NutraCea, a nutritional supplement containing rice bran to help strengthen bones and teeth and replace other vitamins and minerals, was also sent. This supplement is vital for the continued development and growth of children, especially, children that have survived natural disasters and have lost a normal balanced diet. This product was procured through a partnership with Feed the Children and NutraCea in an effort to feed tens of thousands of children in Indonesia.

In an effort to meet the whole need of children in Indonesia, Operation Compassion has sent one container of Croc shoes from China. Croc shoes are not only the most popular shoes globally but are manufactured with materials that are excellent for the climate of Indonesia. This container of 70,000 pairs of Crocs is valued at $2.8 million.

With continued support from Operation Compassion partners, our international and national networks will continue to procure valued products to assist in sustaining life and restoring hope to children around the world!

Please send your donations to or contact:

Operation Compassion
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Tim Burdashaw, Int’l. Operations Coordinator
Lisa Boen, Int’l. Logistics Coordinator

114 Stuart Road, NE Suite 370
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