Operation Compassion Strengthens International Focus

By , May 9, 2006

Normally when a ministry begins, their immediate focus is on local events and strengthening their base of operations. However, when Operation Compassion began, its first product distribution took place in the Central American country of Honduras.

Hurricane Mitch (1998) had just dropped more than 24 inches of rain which caused massive mud slides in the mountains. Entire villages were completely buried under several feet of mud, rock, trees and debris. Thousands lost their lives! Yet, Operation Compassion, barely getting their distribution ministry started, sent 25 containers of disaster relief supplies.

Since 1999, Operation Compassion has continued to focus on international program development. To date, Operation Compassion has delivered product to 27 countries through mutual partnerships. One such partnership benefits the country of Jamaica. Through Food for the Poor, Operation Compassion is able to fill two warehouses for regular distribution and with Frank Allen and Hope Charitable Services is building twenty-five homes for homeless families. Jamaica has become a hot of political unrest and is a dangerous place to live. Yet, Operation Compassion is making an impact on thousands of families. Jamaica is one of 16 countries in the Caribbean Basin to receive products through Operation Compassion and their partners.

Immediately following the tsunami, Operation Compassion sent 1,000 containers of disaster relief supplies within 9 months to Indonesia. It would not have happened except for the partnership with Tommy Smith and Foundation for Love and Care in Indonesia, Feed the Children and Food for the Poor. As part of this partnership, boats were purchased for villages to begin their fishing businesses and try to open economic development. In addition, Operation Compassion has adopted an orphanage in Indonesia which receives regular support and supplies.

Another strategic partnership involves Israel. A couple of years ago, Operation Compassion was asked to help fill a cargo ship with containers for Israel. With the help of Curt Landry, a converted Rabbi, Operation Compassion sent 70 containers on this ship bound for Israel. Due to some confusion in port, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became involved to secure the delivery in country and distribution. Since then, Operation Compassion has continued to look for ways to continue this assistance.

Most recently, David Lorency, Curt Landry and Michael Utterback (Ministry to Israel) have agreed to a ministry partnership that enhances the delivery of products and supplies to refugee families arriving in Israel. These families have migrated from nations around the world returning to the homeland of their ancestry.

Operation Compassion has always had as its primary concern the well-being and welfare of children. All of our programs are designed to impact children in some manner. As a result, Operation Compassion has supported both financially and through product distribution, orphanages around the world. Whatever the need, food, clothing, textbooks, transportation, buildings and property or enhancement of ongoing ministries, Operation compassion has been there to help more than 25 orphanages. These orphanages are located in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America.

During the past two years, Operation Compassion has partnered with Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse to fill shoes boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Compassion provided the products to fill 100,000 shoe boxes for the 2005 Christmas season. These shoe boxes were pre-approved and sent to the Vietnamese government, the first Christian witness allowed in that country since 1972.

Anyone interested in supporting financially, donating products or providing a corporate lead may contact:

Operation Compassion
David Lorency, President
Tim Burdashaw, International Operations Coordinator

114 Stuart Road, NE Suite 370
Cleveland, TN 37312
423.728.3932 Office
423.728.3958 Fax

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