Operation Compassion’s Partners Respond to Second Quake on Nias Island

By , April 26, 2005

The Island of Nias was recently devastated by a third earthquake. The damage was widespread across the island as buildings that were undamaged by the tsunami on December 26, 2004 were now damaged or destroyed.

In the midst of this turmoil and suffering, the partners of Operation Compassion and the Foundation for Love and Care for Indonesia, under the direction of Pastor Niko, were prepared to help. With sixty-seven containers delivered and waiting for distribution in a warehouse in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia, the response time in sending relief supplies to the Island of Nias was within twelve hours of the quake as three containers were immediately sent. Tommy Smith, Church of God missionary in Indonesia and Compassion Indonesia coordinator was instrumental in assessing the needs and shipping the needed food and supplies.

Milk and sugar are also in short supply on the island as well. In response to these emergency supplies and due to the isolation of the island, Operation Compassion wired $35,000 for the immediate purchase of milk, sugar and rice. This was made possible by Pastor Aubrey Maye sending $25,000 from the Azalea Gardens Church of God in Virginia and Pastor Gerald McGinnis sending $10,000 from the Parkwest Church of God in Knoxville, TN.

Two weeks following this disaster, the negotiations are close to culmination for a major supply of rice. This agreement will be for the delivery of five hundred containers of rice to be shipped to Indonesia. For the past several weeks, David Lorency, International Field Director, Operation Compassion, Steve Whetstone, Vice-President, Feed the Children, diplomats and governmental leaders from several countries have been working for the release of this much needed disaster relief commodity. The Island of Nias and the remaining survivors from the tsunami will have rice which is a basic food staple in Indonesia.

Another most valuable partner in this relief effort has been Stan Greene of ISOH and his church, Cathedral of Praise, pastored by Tony Scott in Sylvania, Ohio. Stan Greene has arranged for a medical team to travel to the Island of Nias to treat the survivors during this week. There are five members with different specialties on the team that will work out of a clinic in the Department of Justice building provided by the Foundation for Love and Care for Indonesia, GEREJA BETHEL INDONESIA and the Church of God.

Greene was also instrumental in procuring thirty-two containers of rice, corn, barley, peas, chicken and rice meals, canned fruits and vegetables, Prego spaghetti sauce, soap and bottled water. Most of these products were in the warehouse waiting for distribution when the latest earthquake struck. Through the partnerships of Operation Compassion, Stan Greene, Aubrey Maye, Gerald McGinnis and the distribution of product through the Foundation for Love and Care for Indonesia, the survivors of this third major earthquake was able to receive relief in hours instead of days.

In addition, Operation Compassion and its global partners are continuing to ship much needed disaster relief supplies into the affected areas in Indonesia. The commitment of Operation Compassion to help rebuild lives and reconstruct homes for the disaster survivors continues to be a driving force in its effort for the next eighteen to twenty-four months.

Anyone interested in supporting financially, donating products or providing a corporate lead may contact:

Operation Compassion
Dr. John D. Nichols, President
David Lorency, International Field Director
Tim Burdashaw, Communications & Development

114 Stuart Road, NE Suite 370
Cleveland, TN 37312
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