USDA Grant Renewed for 2005

By , March 9, 2005

The United States Department of Agriculture has renewed the powdered and liquid milk grants for fiscal year 2005. The grant for the fiscal year 2005 will provide Operation Compassion with one thousand two hundred semis of milk related products through the faith based initiative of the USDA.

Included in this grant will be ten semi trucks per month of the powdered milk. The powdered milk is packaged in two and four pound bags and is usable for cooking and drinking. The powdered milk has been a long term staple in the arsenal to combat hunger among the poor and underprivileged. The one hundred twenty semis of powdered milk are valued at $4,284,000.

Part two of the grant is sixty semis per month of the shelf stable liquid milk. This milk comes in a thirty-two ounce paper box with a spout and an eight ounce paper box with a straw. This milk is reliquified from powdered milk and packaged under intense heat which allows the finished product to be shelf stable for six months without refrigeration. When it is opened it must be refrigerated and used just like regular milk. The seven hundred twenty semis of liquid milk are valued at $42,336,000.

The third part of this grant introduces a new product, creamed based soups. These soups are produced from the powdered milk and are reliquified and flavored with tomatoes, potatoes or chicken to produce tomato soup, potato soup and cream of chicken soup. This product will become a staple in the war on poverty in America as soon as they become available later in the year. The three hundred sixty semis of soup are valued at $21,168,000.

The combined value for the one thousand two hundred semis of powdered milk, liquid milk and soup are $67,785,000. In addition to the value of the product, the USDA has also included $3,000,000 in freight costs. This will allow for smaller charities to be able to receive this product for greater distribution throughout the United States.

Anyone interested in supporting financially, donating products or providing a corporate lead may contact:

Operation Compassion
Dr. John D. Nichols, President
David Lorency, International Field Director
Tim Burdashaw, Communications & Development

114 Stuart Road, NE Suite 370
Cleveland, TN 37312
423.728.3932 Office
423.728.3958 Fax

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