Tsunami Relief in Indonesia – January 3, 2005

By , January 4, 2005

On December 26, 2004 the world experienced a disaster of epic proportions when an earthquake induced tsunami struck in the Indian Ocean. During the first week of this disaster, Operation Compassion wired money directly to Indonesian representatives on the ground. Emergency relief supplies were immediately purchased for distribution in the affected areas in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Operation Compassion has developed partnerships with some of the world’s largest charities since its inception ten years ago. During the past year, Operation Compassion and its partners have been working on a network in Indonesia. This network would provide aid and assistance to children, single parent families and the elderly living in extreme poverty within the country.

In addition to the charity partnerships, Operation Compassion has recognized that Indonesia is home to some of the largest congregations in the world. Churches like that of Pastor Niko Njotorahardjo of Jakarta, Indonesia with over 150,000 members. On December 20, 2004, Pastor Niko’s church rented 100 buses and brought 9,500 of Jakarta’s poorest families to receive a special three hour Disney-like Christmas program. Christmas Shoe Boxes from Samaritan’s Purse were also distributed, possibly some of the 20,000 Operation Compassion donated from Cleveland, TN.

Serving as a distribution site is the 20,000 member Bethel Church of God of Pastor Bambang Yonan located in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Medan is Indonesia’s fourth largest city with three million people and serves as the capital of North Sumatra. Pastor Yonan has one of the largest benevolence programs in Indonesia and has acquired two warehouses and renting a third to respond to this disaster. They have delivered 30 tons of disaster relief products with seventeen doctors and thirty support staffers to Banda Aceh, capital of the Aceh province which was the hardest hit area.

Tommy Smith serves as missionary for the Church of God and liaison for Operation Compassion in Indonesia. Tommy Smith has been a resident of Indonesia for more than twenty years. Tommy Smith with his wife Poppi and their children are very active in benevolence and care ministry throughout the islands of Indonesia and the Church of God in Jakarta.

As part of Operation Compassion’s network in Indonesia, Food for the Poor has donated the delivery costs of fifty containers and Feed the Children is donating a supply of products on a long term basis.

Church of God World Missions is also a valued partner with Operation Compassion. During a crisis, Operation Compassion continually procures product from corporate America and charity partnerships from around the world. While Church of God World Missions provides churches and mission stations to serve as distribution sites in these devastated areas. Members and friends of these churches become volunteers to help feed and provide care for those people affected. No matter the disaster, natural or man-made, Operation Compassion and Church of God World Missions work hand in hand to provide life sustaining assistance.

Operation Compassion has made a commitment to continue to help during the next several days and weeks for the immediate urgent needs but has also made a long term commitment for rebuilding during the months and years ahead.

Operation Compassion Relief Efforts
Wired money  to Disaster Relief teams in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia for instant delivery to the tsunami victims with more money to follow during the next few weeks
Food for the Poor is flying $15 million of needed medication to Indonesia
Food for the Poor and Feed the Children is networking with Operation Compassion to send fifty containers of food, hygiene, medical and building supplies
Contracted one of the world’s most prolific grant’s writer to focus on long term solutions

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