By , January 20, 2005

This week Operation Compassion and its international partners have made an impact on the tsunami relief effort in Indonesia. Food for the Poor has donated $21 million in medicines to Operation Compassion and the Church of God. These medicines were delivered by air yesterday in the Madan area of Northern Sumatra and immediately distributed to survivors in Banda Aceh. The medicines consisted of antibiotics and other vital medicines for the suppression of disease and infections.

This airplane of medicines is the first of four that have been commitment to the tsunami relief effort by Food for the Poor. The second delivery will consist of malaria and cholera medicines also valued at $21 million and will leave immediately for Indonesia.

Twenty containers are in route to Indonesia with food, building supplies and other relief supplies. Each container holds 40,000 pounds of product and is received in approximately two weeks from the United States. These containers are the first of many more to be shipped, not only from the US but from our international partners as well.

On Tuesday, Operation Compassion spent $10,000 for food that was delivered to refugee camps in Banda Aceh and in remote areas outside Banda Aceh. Dr. John D. Nichols, President of Operation Compassion, David Lorency, International Field Director of Operation Compassion and Larry Jones, President and founder of Feed the Children visited these camps and distributed food to the tsunami survivors.

Larry Jones joined Nichols and Lorency on this trip to film a television program for tsunami relief. Operation Compassion was able to provide Larry Jones with a house located on a military compound in Banda Aceh for security reasons. In fact, on Larry Jones’ final day of filming, gunfire between to rebels and government troops could be heard.

Operation Compassion has partnered with various Indonesia leaders to provide tsunami relief supplies throughout the country. This partnership has been credited with providing some of the greatest relief effort to Indonesia. A former General in the Indonesian Military is serving as a consultant to the Indonesian Government for tsunami relief has friends that are heading up the relief effort for the entire country of Indonesia are involved in this partnership.

The President of Indonesia was quoted as saying that Operation Compassion and our international partners were giving greater gifts than the gifts he [the President] was receiving.

With 162,000 people dead, scores of people missing, finding an average of 1,200 dead bodies per day, tens of thousands without food, water or shelter and the grief of the world fresh after three weeks of heart wrenching pictures, the recovery from this disaster is years in the making. With the continued help of Operation Compassion and our worldwide partners, we will keep our commitment to deliver and distribute relief supplies to the survivors of possibly the earth’s greatest disaster.

Anyone interested in supporting financially, donating products or providing a corporate lead may contact:

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Operation Compassion
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