Indonesian Leadership Opens Door to Operation Compassion

By , November 15, 2004

Pastor Niko Njotorahardjo of Jakarta, Indonesia has been a leader in the worldwide prayer movement for a number of years. Pastor Niko, as he is affectionately called, pastors a congregation of more than 150,000 with more than 600 satellite congregations in Indonesia, Canada and United States and serves as an Assistant National Overseer for Gereja Bethel Indonesia. Pastor Neko has a heavy burden for seeking God through prayer and reaching the Asian harvest for God.
Recently, Pastor Niko stated that the Lord gave him a new initiative called the Five Streams of Restoration: 1. Revival; 2. Church Planting; 3. City Reaching; 4. Ministry to Business Persons; 5. Benevolence. During the past ten years, Pastor Niko and his congregation has funded 80% of the benevolence ministries through Gereja Bethel Indonesia. However, Pastor Niko states, “God has told him that it was not enough!” In response to this expanded call, Pastor Niko envisions a much larger benevolence ministry through the new sanctuary and prayer center which was built for metro Jakarta.

During the month of October 2004, Pastor Niko and thirty Associate Pastors representing a few of his church congregations visited Cleveland, TN. According to Pastor Niko, “God spoke to me and told me to come to Cleveland, TN and see Operation Compassion and its operation.” One of the Associate Pastors is a former Program Director for the World Bank in Indonesia. Another Associate pastor is a leader in the Jerusalem House of Prayer (JHOP) movement.

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia that consists entirely of islands; more than 17,500 but only about 6,000 islands are inhabited leaving the rest of the islands uninhabited. The islands of Indonesia stretch across more than 3,200 miles of ocean along the equator and have the fourth largest population in the world with approximately 205.84 million people. Indonesia has an extremely diverse population with about 300 different ethnic groups who speak more than 250 languages. More than 85% of the Indonesian people are Muslims and make up the world’s largest Muslim population; about 10% are Christians.

Indonesia occupies a strategic position in Southeast Asia, and its political and economic conditions are important to the stability of the region. For several decades, Indonesia has fought poverty among its citizens.

During the past ten years, Indonesia has witnessed a rapid growth in religious persecution. The vision of Pastor Niko for benevolence ministry in Indonesia goes beyond helping the poor; it addresses the plight and intercedes for the “Household of Faith”.

Within two weeks of Pastor Niko’s visit to Cleveland, TN, Operation Compassion has enlisted a prolific grants writer to pursue USDA and USAID grants from the United States Government. As one man, Pastor Niko, cried for his people, God is answering!

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