Native Americans Receive Merry Christmas America Semis

By , January 23, 2004

During the months of November and December 2003, Operation Compassion made a commitment to the Native Americans across the Southwestern and North Central United States for Christmas. During a six-week window of opportunity, Operation Compassion sent eight semis across those regions supplying necessary products for survival in a harsh land.From Gallup, NM to Big Timber, MT to Tolstoy, SD, Native Americans received canned goods, corn, powdered milk, clothing, potatoes, firewood, fruit snack foods, toys and stocking stuffers. Children from across the reservations received a little Christmas joy where there had been no hope of receiving anything at all.

Reports have been coming in from churches and agencies on the reservations that were responsible for the distribution. Thousands of families were impacted through the distribution. Some families were without any food at all, while other families were at the end of their supply without any future prospects.

Distribution across the reservations included some of the most remote areas. In fact, some areas are so remote that many Native Americans have never seen a white man or know of any of the modern conveniences of the 21st century. Yet, through the dedication of many volunteer workers, many of these families received much needed supplies to sustain life during the winter months.

While some of the most impoverished areas in American society can be found on the Native American reservations across the United States, the pride of the Native Americans have not diminished. Native Americans are not looking to be kept nor are they looking for handouts. However, the Native Americans do express deep appreciation for the love and compassion expressed to them through programs as Operation Compassion’s Merry Christmas America.

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