Operation Compassion: ‘The Appalachian Dream Center’

By , February 13, 2001

Next month, Operation Compassion, a ministry of Care Ministries of the Church of God, will open a special new facility, which will serve the needs of many people in a strategic geographic area.

The “Appalachia Dream Center,” located in Holden, WV, will serve as the center of Operation Compassion’s outreach to Appalachia when it opens March 15. The 60,000 sq. foot, three-story building was donated to Operation Compassion by the J.T. Massey-Coal Co. of Holden.

“Several people were instrumental in seeing this donation come about,” stated David Lorency, director of Operation Compassion. “Mike Hartwell, who pastors in Verdonville, WV, has been our coordinator in that area for six years. The donation of this building is a culmination of his efforts and those of Dr. John Nichols to secure a grant to equip and refurbish the new Dream Center.”

The official name for the new facility is Dream Center Ministries. There will be six different types of ministries provided at the center. Those include: 1) Medical clinic treating and providing 2,400 individuals a month free pharmaceuticals; 2) Children of the World Ministry Center; 3) Warehouse capacity to hold eight semi-truck-loads of goods; 4) Senior adult day center; 5) Accommodations for meals and lodging for 100 short term volunteers; and 6) Job and skill training center for single parent mothers and seniors.

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